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September 7, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

WARNING: Contains graphic material between the Reader and Loki Laufeyson. Please, I will not be mad if you feel uncomfortable to read it, it's your choice if you choose to or not. :) Just be careful, it does contain Mature content and dominant sexiness. ;) :P

You threw the soft rectangular pillow at your raven haired boyfriend's head.
He caught it easily and scowled, "If you wanted to throw something at me, maybe it should be something more dangerous than a pillow!"

Scowling right back, you threw your hands in the air.
"I was going to give you a blanket as well, because I'm just that nice! But you can feed off your own body heat! Have fun on the couch!"

You screamed the words at him, slamming the door to your bedroom, shut. If he wanted to be an ass, then he would get to sleep on the couch.
You groaned, falling face down on the bed, you hadn't wanted to fight with him of course, but he started it!

Earlier, at one of the many parties the Avengers went to, a man had gotten a little to friendly with you. Loki was invited to most of the parties now, he had earned their trust.
But he had certainly gotten angry at the fact that another man's hand had come in contact with your ass when you had accepted his proposal at a dance.

Instantly, the man had a snake wrapped around his throat and he began writhing on the ground helplessly.
Once glance towards the bar in the large room the party was in, and you could see a bright green glow coming from Loki's hand. His eyes became the color of the sea in a storm and you knew he was pissed off.

Steve and Thor had gotten the snake off the man just in time. But you didn't get to see the rest of the show before Loki had transported you to your small apartment like home in the top floor of Stark tower.

The fighting began with a few curses, which then exploded into insults, which then came to the conclusion of Loki on the couch and you face planting on your soft green and gold canopy bed. Loki's signature colors.

No! He was being a jack ass tonight, so you would not think of him.
You would forget all about him tonight and on the morning, hopefully he would be calmed down and you both could talk like normal couple's did.

Now...what would you do till then? You could not sleep, your blood was boiling to hard at the moment.
Hmm...Maybe a shower would do the trick!
The hot water would surely bring you an ease of mind.

Smiling, you got up from the bed, brushing your (h/l) (h/c) out of your eyes and behind your ear.
Stepping into the conjoining bathroom, you turned the hot water on in the large walk in shower.

You slid the gold dress you wore, to the floor. Your (fav. color) lace bra and panties following the gown on the tiled floor.

You checked the temperature before stepping in, purring in delight at the heat.
Your body stood under the water, making your sore muscles turn to Jell-O as you stood underneath the droplets of pure bliss.
"See Loki, I can let things go." You said, sticking your tongue out to emptiness.


You stepped out of the shower, your hand twisting the knob that turned it on and off. The water stopped abruptly, a few water droplets hitting the floor with a slight 'ping'.

You grasped a white fluffy towel that hung on a rack, wrapping it firmly around yourself.
You felt clean, and relaxed.
Much better than you had before. No more stress, you would definitely sleep well tonight.

Opening the door, to the bathroom, steam billowed out, clouding your vision for a second.
When it finally cleared, you nearly screamed. Your boyfriend stood in front of you, still wearing his tuxedo from the party a few hours before.
His head was slightly bent downward, giving him a ominous look. He was easily a foot taller than you compared to your (height) frame.

Your eyes widened in shock, how had he gotten in hear, you had locked the door....
You remembered what he had done to the man at the party, and realized he could have easily opened the door with a flick of his wrist.

Swallowing down the nervousness you felt grow in your throat, you spoke, "Loki, What-?"
You were cut off as Loki grasped your forearm, yanking you forward.
You felt your back bit the bed in less than a second. The hard motion made you bounce slightly.

You lifted yourself up on your elbows, watching in fear as your boyfriend stalked toward you. His special smirk now growing on his face.
His eyes were still the same stormy blue, and you didn't like the feeling you got from staring into them.
His Italian leather shoes made a soft noise on the floor as he got closer to your exposed body on the bed. Nothing but a towel covered the soft (s/c) color of your skin.

"You forget to recall, My Dear, that I am a God." He flicked his pointer finger and your legs widened, your knees bent to the ceiling.
It gave him a perfect view of your folds underneath the towel.

You felt a hot red blush creep up your neck, your chest rising and falling at a much faster rate.

Loki slipped his jacket off, you watched as it fell to the floor. He slipped off his scarf, which he preferred to use as a tie.
"The God of Mischief, to be precise."

He reached the bed, standing right in front of your open legs, his smirk gliding easily from ear to ear.
"And I don't like it when people touch my stuff."

He climbed onto the bed, moving on top of you so you had no escape.
"My Queen, you have been a naughty girl tonight. You must pay for your ghastly deeds."

You felt your eyes widen even more. Loki has never done this before, even when you got in quarrels, he always apologized and then that was it. But tonight, you could tell he was overtaken with jealousy and dominance.

Sadly, as much as you feared him at the moment, you couldn't help but love the warmth that was spreading throughout your entire body.

"L-Loki, What are you going to do?" A stupid question, you must admit, but you could think of nothing else to say. Even if you already knew the answer.

A dark chuckle left Loki's soft pale lips, "I am going to take you, like you've never been taken before."

A shiver ran down your spine at his words. You felt his cold pale hands reach for the towel, your hands tightened around it, but a little piece of you was leaning towards him, wanting to feel his touch. Craving for him to be inside you.

He ripped the towel from your body, a cool breeze whipping at the wet naked skin of your frail body. Your hands immediately clasped to your breasts, a loud gasp leaving your mouth.

Loki growled, moving your hands back to your sides. He was to touch you tonight, and only him. Not even you could intercept him from your heated loin and the soft mounds of flesh on your chest.

One of your hands lifted to the back of his head, your fingers curling in the soft slicked back raven colored locks.
Loki's smirk grew, he had you wrapped around his slender finger. And soon, he would have your flesh wrapped around his 'friend'.

Loki dipped his head, the soft skin of his lips coming in contact with your round supple nipple.
A long awaited moan left your lips, your back arched, pushing your breast further against his surprisingly cold mouth.

The icy feeling that came from hid tongue brought goose bumps to your skin, shivers racked down your entire body and incoherent sounds of pleasure came from you.

Loki brought his other other hand to your other nipple, pinching the little bud in between his pointer finger and his thumb.

"L-Loki!" The cry came unexpectedly from you, your legs widening and your back arching. You felt a hot bundle of nerves tighten in your stomach. It felt like there was a pleasure filled rope wrapped around your stomach and with each flick of Loki's tongue to your nipple brought the rope tighter and tighter around you.

Loki laughed evilly, the dark sound echoing off the walls of the room you both shared.
The hand that was playing with your other nipple, trailed down your stomach to the wet folds between your legs.

His thumb massaged the little bud between your long legs and you yelped in surprise. Your hands either grasped his shoulders or gripped his long hair, as you became more and more anxious for him to take you.

At first, your entire body had been consumed with fear at the look of pure dominance and control in his eyes. Now, you loved the look he had and you craved for him.

"Loki! P-Please just t-take me already!" You begged, your voice coming out in stutters. You wanted to blush from speaking that way, but you felt to much desire to do anything but moan your God's name.

Before you could even comprehend what was happening, Loki's palm came down away fro. your clitoral bud and slapped your right buttock.

You cry out in pain and pleasure, the rope tightening in one quick motion. The sting from the slap to your skin was constant.
You knew you'd either have a bruise or a red mark on your ass tomorrow.

Loki's mouth left your nipple and he smirked up at you, "As much as I love to hear you beg for me, I am going to take my time. You are mine, and I shall savor every last but of you."

"Yes, Loki." You said, closing your eyes tightly and trying to calm yourself down. It would probably be best to comply with whatever he said, or you might take another slap to the ass, or even your cheek if he got to dominant.

Loki's fingers began to play with your folds again, whilst his mouth trailed up your breast and to your neck. His tongue ran up your neck, licking your pulse in long strokes.
You moan, wrapping your arms around his neck. Your elbows resting on his shoulders.

Your legs wrapped around Loki's waist, his hand still getting enough access to your folds.

One of your hands trail down from his neck to the top button of his white dress shirt.

Your eyes meet his, the stormy color now turning a stormy blue-ish red the (e/c) color of your eyes matched well with his. The color made you gasp in awe.
You swallowed hard, "May I, Loki?" You asked, not wanting to anger him by taking control.

"Yes." He seemed to say, his smirk now a flat tight-mouthed look that seemed to be hiding something. Desire, was it?

None the less, your fingers began to undo the buttons of his shirt, trailing all the way down to the hem of his black dress pants.
Your hands trailed to his shoulders, pushing the fabric off them and trying to push his shirt off. Loki stopped touching you just enough for your to get the shirt off his arms and throw it to the floor.

Immediately he started his ice touch to your loins again.
Faster this time, the tips of his first two fingers dipping into your folds and making a 'Come Here' motion.

Your head flung backwards against the gold sheet colored mattress, your eyes widening to the size of saucers.
"Ah Ah Y-Yes!!" You scream, your hips lifting to press further against Loki's long slender fingers.

Loki laughed, pushing his fingers in and out of you, hitting your G-spot with each flick of his fingers. You body writhed and moaned underneath him, you could feel the rope tighten further, any second it would snap.

"Loki! I-I-" You couldn't finish your sentence before a scream or moan left your mouth.
Suddenly, before you could do anything else, he stopped.

His fingers left your hot, wet folds in an instant leaving you feeling empty and alone.
You lifted yourself up slowly on one of your elbows. Your chest heaved up and down heavily and your eyelids were barely open.
You could feel the bed move a bit as you watched Loki get off the bed and stand in front of it.

He unzipped the zipper to his pants and slid them down to his ankles, he stepped out of them and stood in nothing but his boxers in front of you.

You instantly became alert and sat up more. You blew the strand of (h/c) out of your face, watching intently to see what his next move would be.

He looked up to you, the smirk back on his face. He gripped your ankles and pulled you forward, 'till your legs hung off the bed and your hips were just at the edge.

Loki slid his boxers off, his long, hard rod coming out and standing right in front of the entrance to your folds.

He stepped a bit closer, pressing the tip to your entrance. You whimpered lightly, your two front teeth tugging at your bottom lip anxiously.

Loki gripped your hips, steadying himself, before thrusting into you hard. His whole length being enveloped by you.
A short scream of surprise left your throat as he thrust inside you.

He didn't wait for you to adjust to him, before pulling back to where just the tip was in you and then thrusting all the way in.

You moaned and yelped with each push and pull of his thrusts. With each thrust inward, the rope around your stomach seemed to tighten even further.

Loki picked up the pace, his thrusts getting deeper, harder and faster with each powerful move of his hips.

"Say my name." Loki said, his teeth gritted tightly as he thrust.

You wasted no time in obeying his orders, as you opened your mouth and moaned, "Loki!"
Your hands gripped the sheets underneath you as you said your King's name.

Loki began thrusting faster and harder, "Say my name." He repeated, his voice getting more aggressive now. His fingers dug into your hips, and you would definitely wake to bruises there.

"Loki!" You moaned louder, almost coming out in a scream.
You felt the rope tighten, so close to snapping. It was like you could feel each thread of the rope break individually and it was pure torturous bliss.

"Say my name!" Loki yelled, his thrusts became violent, each one hitting that special bundle of nerves that caused you to squirm almost instantly. This time, it was different. It didn't make you squirm, it made you scream. Loudly.

"Loki!!" You scream, the sound making your throat hurt.

With one last thrust, you both released. The rope around you, snapping.
Loki moaned, his orgasm shaking his whole body. You did the same thing, your breathing seeming to stop at the flood of pleasure rolling through you.

Loki collapsed on top of you his breath coming out in pants onto the crook of your neck.

Both of you lay there for a second, trying to regain your strength and comprehend what you had just done.

Loki crawled onto the bed, pulling you underneath the covers with him.
Still breathless, you wrap your arms around him.  

"(Name), I am so sorry."

You hear Loki's smooth silk like voice fill your ears with the words you thought you'd hear in the morning, not after you just made passionate love.

"I shouldn't have overreacted like that. And I definitely shouldn't have taken my anger out on you in that way."

He finished, referring to the love y'all had just made. You felt tears spring to your eyes, he may be The God of Mischief. But he was owning up to his anger and he was apologizing for it. You didn't care if he had taken it out on you with sex, you were just happy he was apologizing.

You sat up, looking at Loki, a giant smile on your face.
You leaned forward, connecting your lips to his. Loki held you close to him as your lips moved passionately against his. Your tongue massaging slowly against the slender God's tongue.

After a moment, you pulled back, smiling brightly. You were happy to see that he had the same look on his face.

"I love you, Loki."

"I love you too, (Name)."

You both curled up together, quickly falling asleep in each others arms. Your hearts seeming to beat as one now that you had made a special bond.
This is my first ever real LEMON so please be honest on how I did, and I might write more, if y'all like it.
And who else here loves dominant Loki? Just me? Okay... :P :) ;)
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